Cutting up old pieces seems to be everyone's obsession, I'm no different. So instead of splurging $40 on this little thing with that rather interesting cross, I copied & pasted the design onto my old polo shirt (i hope this doesn't count as plagiarism). 

In case you're wondering, this shirt was a victim of my dyeing experiment long ago. If you want to do something similar, but hopefully end up with a way better product, check out this video.


1. Take any top of your choice. (obviously no thick sweaters etc.)
2. Cut the sleeves off if you don't like them.
3. I chose to cut the back because I can't handle exposing too much of my front side. White lines = outline, yellow lines = cuts. I made my cuts about 6cm (2.36") wide and 9mm (0.35") apart. Remember to cut vertical lines in the center, otherwise the cross will end up saggy (i think).
我剪地是后背,毕竟前身暴露这么多的肉不在我的接受范围内啊。白线=轮廓,黄线=剪的线。我剪的切口大概是6cm (2.36")宽,9mm (0.35")距离。中间部分一定要竖着剪,要不然十字架应该会踏下来。
4. Now just wash this baby to make it look more natural, I guess. I also got rid of the hem since it looked quite stiff.

Well that's it. Really easy, I know, but I just thought the result was quite nice and it'll keep you cool (both in terms of temperature and style). Customize if you like.
Yina (:

就是这样了。 我知道这很简单,不过我觉得成果挺不错的,还能让你很酷(温度和有型都是)。自己随便改造也可以。
依娜 (:

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